Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump Review

by admin on May 9, 2012

Carrier is a reputable HVAC manufacturing company that has been in this business for a very long time. The Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump is a highly efficient model from carrier that offers a comfortable climate in your home through all seasons. The model comes from the well reputable Infinity series and also includes the Greenspeed. The variable speed technology has enabled the device to provide precise cooling and heating for ultimate comfort. It is a highly cost-effective model that delivers consistent temperatures. The SEER and the HSPF that stand for the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and the Heating Seasonal Performance factor respectively, are the parameters to determine the efficiency of a heat pump model.

Carrier offers a variety of heat pump models under the Greenspeed intelligence range, the infinity series, the Comfort/Base series, the performance/comfort series and the Performance compact models with excellent features to provide the perfect solution for home heating and cooling. Out of these, the 25HNA9, 25HNB9 manufactured under the infinity series are the highly rated products as they have been certified by the Energy star and have also won the best purchase award. The Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump is a highly reliable model that comes with a 10-year warranty.

The Key Features of the Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump

Carrier is known to manufacture energy-efficient models that use environmentally friendly components. The model is known not to emit any green house gases that may harm the ozone layer as it carries puron refrigerant. The unit is highly designed to precisely control the temperature and humidity levels and meets all the standards set by the US environment protection agency. The Silencer system II technology enables the product to operate at a minimum noise. It also boasts of Weather Armor Tm system that protects the unit from harsh weather. The 25HCB3, 25HCB6, 25HCC5, 25HPA5 and 25HPA6 are the available variants of these models.

Carrier Infinity 25vna0 Greenspeed Heat Pump Pricing

The carrier models are available at different prices depending on their efficiency rating. This model comes with a 16.5 SEER and 9.5 HSPF rating and its price ranges from $2500 to $13000. These prices also include the installation charges. The product is highly preferred by the customers because of its quiet operation that ensures a comfortable and peaceful climate in your homes. The unit has been installed with high performance components that offer durability and efficiency to the product, and therefore, it comes with a 10-year warranty.

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